A Female Escort Reveals All

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I interviewed a female escort recently, and what he had to say was indeed surprising yet believable at the same time. I remember thinking that the requests that he had gotten were all things that were expected from female clients who are horny all the time. The things that I could not digest were a few of the requests that he had gotten. In this article, I have listed out a couple of legitimate facts that I received from the escort. I have also quoted them, meaning I have written them down exactly how he had told them to me. Here you go:

“I am a female escort, and I have been doing this for more than 4 years. Most of the time I indeed have a great time, but since I am an independent escort, I do not have much time to actually perform background checks on these people, which is why I have had some weird experiences which have made me just get up, put my clothes on and leave. In one case I had actually fled in my boxers, I just thought to myself that it wasn’t even worth it to put on all of my clothes. I could not wait to get out of there actually. I generally take about 2-3 clients a week, and most of them are men. These are men who are interested in just sex or those who just need some physical intimacy. Most of them don’t even ask for sex; they just want pleasure and therefore ask me to either give them a sensual massage or just a quick blowjob. And later, they ask to cuddle.

These are just the normal clients which I do enjoy myself with. The weird requests are the ones that I have gotten a couple of months ago. I never use to mention the ‘no weird stuff’ on the phone call, but now I do. I was once asked to go to an appointment after drinking lots of water, I realized this was a weird request indeed, but I did it. I went in with a full bladder, and there he was my client, completely naked, waiting on a tarp. He wanted me to empty my bladder on him for a whopping $500, and later he wanted a handjob. Since I needed the money I agreed, but I did not touch him until he showered. I told him it was a policy of mine”.

“Another weird incident that I remember is this one. A client in his 20s, a fairly attractive young lad, said that he had a fetish where he needed someone to hit his testicles while he jerked himself off violently. I respectfully declined doing that, so he asked for the usual stuff, I did what I had to do, took my money and left”.

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